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Richard Grossman performing on the Paiste Earth Gong

Sound. Sound as color. Sound as prayer. Sound as blessing. Sound as a path through forests and under mountains. A choir of angels. The voice of the earth. Pure sound, bouncing off walls and eardrums, bones and cells, rippling through the body, soaring through the room.

You cannot explain soundJourney in a linear fashion, with rational words, because soundJourney is not a linear or rational experience. You can say, yes, there was a gong, a didgeridoo, rattles, Tibetan bowls, a voice…but to name the instruments is as meaningful as describing a Van Gogh by the colors of paint. It is not a concert, although there is music. It is not a meditation, although you sink into altered states.  It is not even a performance because there is no true audience; each person in the room is an integral part of the experience. It is, and is not, a ceremony. Perhaps the most accurate word, if we must use one, is its own: a journey, a shamanic journey, initiated, in the oldest sense, by the extraordinary, consciousness-altering magic of sound.

Dr. Richard Grossman is the musician/healer who sets this healing journey in motion. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine for over 20 years, Richard has explored healing from physical, energetic and deeply spiritual points of view. His own journeys have taken him around the world in the pursuit of healing wisdom, and he has studied with spiritual teachers  and native healers from North and South America, Mexico, Europe, Africa, India, China, Japan and Tibet. Richard’s perspective on healing and health transcends philosophies and borders.

The Sound of Healing

The soundJourney experience is an experience of shamanic healing. It is healing that occurs on the deepest levels. An emotional-spiritual letting go. A diving deep into the Beauty inside.  Reaching back to the first time people put their hands together to make rhythm, soundJourney taps into our basic physiology, connecting body, mind and spirit.

Sound itself is a physical energy, and sound about vibration.  The vibration of the instrument travels through the air to the ears, which send neurological energy to the brain. The brain, in its turn, experiences, interprets and responds with different neurochemicals, depending on the sound.  A passing siren will set off one kind of chemical response; a lover’s whisper quite another. What our culture recognizes as music is a particular kind of sound, of recognizable pattern, that we can sing or dance to, which imprint us in specific and various ways. Blues have a different imprint than heavy metal, for instance.

And this is where soundJourney differs from ordinary music. The purpose of soundJourney is not to imprint, but to de-imprint. To unwind. To let go. To be totally in the moment with the vibration of sound. To have the brain trigger the deepest chemicals of ease. Of harmony. Of joy and bliss.

The way to experience soundJourney is to deeply let go, deeply surrender, and deeply allow the sound to pass into you, pass through you, pass around you, with no resistance and no interpretation.

The way to understand soundJourney is to experience it for yourself.









Dedicated In Loving Memory to Joan Grossman



Bathe in the center of sound, or in the continuous sound of a waterfall;  . . .
(and) hear the sound of sounds.

-from the Malini Vijaya Tantra

Video of Richard interviewed on the television program "Healings"

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Watch a Video

from Richard's  2005 Journey to Peru to present soundJourney at the 1st annual conference on indigenous healing in Iquitos.

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"We have fallen into the place where everything is music."
- Rumi

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